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Airline Industry
Water Treatment
Bulk Mail Transport







Whether you need just the electrical package or the mechanical and electrical, Keystone is here to meet all of your requirements.



Electrical Power and Control Systems


Keystone is equipped to design and build your electrical system in a timely manner, to meet your exact needs at a price you can afford. Our years of experience working with all types and brands of electrical power and control products allow us to understand your unique requirements and determine what products are best for your application. The next steps are to apply these products in the most safe, efficient and durable configuration and then to assemble them in a neat and reliable manner. The final steps include installation, programming (if required) and start up. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your application.


E-mail: d-b@controlexpress.com


Special Purpose Machines

Keystone is equipped to design and build the special purpose machinery that will make your manufacturing process more reliable and efficient . Our experience includes the following automated equipment: wire winders, presses, welders, assembly machines, drills, stakers, cut to length systems, cut to weight systems, conveyors, part imprinters, dumpers, AGV’s, carts, press feeders, rotary tables, loaders and unloaders, catfish feeders, catfish aerators, oxygen monitors, batching systems, and inspection and testing machines. Please call or email to discuss your application.