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The retrofit of older equipment and machinery is one of the mainstays of the Keystone operation and certainly one of the most rewarding. To take an older piece of equipment that is no longer operating efficiently or maybe even sitting in a corner and retrofit it with a modern control is fun for the retrofitter and always immensely satisfying to the customer. As we all know, they “ain’t making it like they used to” is a common saying about machine tools and other types of machinery and equipment. Of course what is meant is that the metal parts were much heaver and the frames and supports were much more substantial on the older equipment. The controls, on the other hand, are being made much much much better “than they used to.” Modern PLC’s, PAC’s, motion controllers and variable frequency drives, touch screens, vision system and a host of other control products allow for quicker setup and change over, more reliable operation, longer tool life, better quality and more efficient production. Who wouldn’t want all of that?

Our experience runs the gamut from the retrofit of large sawmill equipment to tiny CNC wire winders for gold bonding wire used in integrated circuits. Other applications include grinders, saws, missile fueling system, cozy dog cookers, numerous packers and casers, conveyor systems, concrete block machine, dry kilns, batching systems, horizontal and vertical band saws, fish feeders, catfish pond aeration systems, numerous CNC drills, CNC turret punches, numerous automated assembly machines and various other equipment and systems.


We will provide paper and electronic copies of all programs. PDF copies of wiring diagrams will be provided if included in the quotation. If just upgrading from an older PLC, a new wiring diagram may not be necessary.


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